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Ollama import of the GGUF here https://huggingface.co/TheDrummer/Llama-3SOME-8B-v1-BETA-GGUF?not-for-all-audiences=true

Use responsibly.

Introducing the BeaverAI team: Drummer, ToastyPigeon, xzuyn, MarsupialAI, Twistedshadows, and concedo


We proudly present…

Llama 3SOME🦙8B🦙v1🦙BETA We’ve added some things. That’s obviously what we’re trying to say.


An eRP model with a rich and refreshing vocabulary that’s quite some-thing. Finetuned by yours truly.

(Llama 3SOME is a finetune on top of Llama-3-Soliloquy-8B)

Original https://huggingface.co/TheDrummer/Llama-3SOME-8B-v1-BETA

IMATRIX: https://huggingface.co/MarsupialAI/Llama-3SOME-8B-v1-BETA_iMatrix_GGUF

EXL2: 8bpw, 6bpw, 4bpw (Thank you riveRiPH!)

What’s THIS? Refer to Moistral v3

Usage Use Llama 3 Instruct (Alpaca kinda works btw) You can use instruct… as a character: “Go here” as a narrator: “Go here”, Drummer says as a director: Drummer tells him to go here as a lazy ass: go here 3SOME is optimized for the Novel / Story format. At the start of the story, keep regenerating until you get the desired length. Future AI responses will eventually match the length. Issue: Manually continued generation may create formatting issues. Either regenerate the entire response or fix the formatting. See samples below.