An uncensored, fine-tuned model based on the Mixtral mixture of experts model that excels at coding tasks. Created by Eric Hartford.

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The Dolphin model by Eric Hartford based on Mixtral that is trained with additional datasets:

  • Synthia, OpenHermes and PureDove
  • New Dolphin-Coder
  • MagiCoder


Tag Date Notes
v2.7 latest 01/01/2024 Includes fixes in the transformers library used to train this model.
v2.6.1 12/20/2023 Extra 3 iterations of training over the model’s dataset.
v2.6 12/20/2023 Fixed a training configuration issue that improved quality, and improvements to the training dataset for empathy.
v2.5 12/17/2023 Initial release of Dolphin Mixtral