Google announces Firebase Genkit with Ollama support

May 20, 2024

Ollama Firebase Genkit

At Google IO 2024, Google unveiled Firebase Genkit, featuring Ollama support for running Google’s open-source Gemma model on your local machine. Firebase Genkit is a new open-source framework for developers to build, deploy and monitor production-ready AI-powered apps.

Firebase Genkit UI

Getting started

Firebase Genkit works with Ollama on MacOS, Windows, Linux, and via Docker containers.

Install Genkit

npm i -g genkit

Download Google’s Gemma model

ollama pull gemma

If you don’t have Ollama installed, it can be downloaded here.

Create and initialize a new node.js project

mkdir genkit-ollama
cd genkit-ollama
npm init
genkit init

genkit init selecting ollama as a provider

Genkit will now be running on localhost:4000

Firebase Genkit UI

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