Ollama now supports AMD graphics cards

March 14, 2024

Ollama AMD

Ollama now supports AMD graphics cards in preview on Windows and Linux. All the features of Ollama can now be accelerated by AMD graphics cards on Ollama for Linux and Windows.

Supported graphics cards

Family Supported cards and accelerators
AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX 7900 XT 7900 GRE 7800 XT 7700 XT 7600 XT 7600
6950 XT 6900 XTX 6900XT 6800 XT 6800
Vega 64 Vega 56
AMD Radeon PRO W7900 W7800 W7700 W7600 W7500
W6900X W6800X Duo W6800X W6800
V620 V420 V340 V320
Vega II Duo Vega II VII SSG
AMD Instinct MI300X MI300A MI300
MI250X MI250 MI210 MI200
MI100 MI60 MI50

Support for more AMD graphics cards is coming soon.

Get started

To get started with Ollama with support for AMD graphics cards, download Ollama for Linux or Windows.